Granny Annexe Micro Studio Home from £49,995

A habitable micro home

A small habitable space, commonly referred to as a “granny annexe”, has become increasingly popular for a variety of living solutions. Some clients used them as tiny house for a relative, others a holiday home they rent, some a permanent park home.

We’re commonly asked if our garden rooms can be used as a permanent living space and the answer is yes, however with conditions. We need to alter our standard specification to mimic a timber kit house and apply for Planning Permission and a Building Warrant on your behalf. We also need to connect to the mains water supply, drainage and electricity.

We’ve designed a fixed price home that can be used as a habitable living space and includes a working kitchenette, toilet and shower. This amazing offer includes decorating and floor coverings. You simply need to add soft furnishings.

Every property and site is different so we cannot include the cost to connect to your existing utilities however we will quote for this during a free site survey.

Fully customisable

Want an extra window? No problem! Perhaps external decking? Sure thing! Whatever your specific requests we can tailor a build to suit.

We can even attach it to your home as a bespoke extension!

Let’s talk…

We’d be delighted to have an informal chat on the phone and if you would like us to pop out we’re happy to do a no obligation free survey.

granny annexe micro home scotland

What's included as standard...

  • Architect’s fees, Planning Permission and Building Warrant.
  • Full build including foundations.
  • Kitchenette and bathroom with shower (or bath).
  • Internal electrics, plumbing, decoration and floor coverings.

Example 7m x 4m layout from £49,995 plus VAT

granny annexe garden room

This example fixed price studio home includes a kitchenette and appliances, bathroom with walk in shower (or bath) and full decoration. Simply add your furniture. The price is inclusive of all Permissions and Warrants but does not include any optional extras or connecting to your utilities.

Example Installations

Please visit our gallery to view more images.

granny annexe built by garden rooms by creative
granny annexe built by garden rooms by creative
granny annexe garden room scotland
granny annexe built by garden rooms by creative
granny annexe built by garden rooms by creative
granny annexe garden room scotland
granny annexe built by garden rooms by creative
granny annexe built by garden rooms by creative
granny annexe garden room scotland

Can I put a granny annexe anywhere on my property?

No, you must comply with Permitted Development rules, specifically;

  • 4.74 – Ancillary buildings are generally located to the rear of the main dwelling.
  • 4.82 – Parts of the building within 1 metre of a boundary must not be higher than 2.5 metres. Our granny annexe’s exceed this height to give you an internal ceiling height of 2.4m (like an ordinary room in your home).  We therefore keep all our garden granny annexe’s at least 1 metre away from any boundary to comply. This also ensure we can get around the structure to complete the installation and for any required maintenance in the future.

Finally, you must also ensure your granny annexe does not cast a permanent shadow over your neighbour’s property and block natural light. Don’t worry, during our survey we will advise you to the best of our ability on the perfect position for your granny annexe.

Do I need Building Warrant and/or Planning Permission?

Yes, as you’re intending on using it as a habitable area and will be connecting to the mains water/drainage. Don’t worry, that’s included in our prices as standard.

In Scotland, you need Planning Permission under the following circumstances;

  • The structure is over 30m2 in size or takes up more than 50% of your garden area.
  • It is erected within a conservation area or beside a listed building.
  • It requires water and drainage for a kitchen or bathroom.
  • You are using it to live in.
  • Any part of the building that is a metre or less from the boundary is no higher than 2.5 metres.
  • The eaves (underside of the roof) is no higher than 3 metres.

Can I attach it to my property?

garden room extension

Yes, we simply refer to the build as an extension. The cost will vary depending on what work is required to connect your main property to your new build. As a master builder we also offer additional services such as;

  • Cut through to your home
  • Erection of fire wall (when you’re within 1m of the boundary)
  • Brickwork and roughcasting to match your home

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Why our builds are superior…

We’re not here to discredit our competition. We’re confident that our structures are superior and even offer a price promise too; get a like for like quote in writing and we’ll beat it. But, when we’re asked by prospective clients to explain why we’re different it’s simpler to show you a few examples of where our competitors cut corners to save time and money.

competitor's garden rooms

No floor insulation.

competitor's garden rooms

No truss clips.

competitor's garden rooms

Low grade building paper.

competitors garden rooms

Visible cladding joints.

competitors garden rooms

Non rigid insulation.

competitors garden rooms

OSB roof covering.

competitors garden rooms

No concrete base or damp proof layer.

competitors garden rooms

Sloping internal roof.

competitors garden rooms

Gaps between cladding.

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